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Discovering Your Internal Operating System

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Do you know your internal operating system?

Much like your computer, it is continually running in the background, gathering, sorting and updating information that you will use consciously and unconsciously. It can inspire your creativity and innovation and it can trigger your stress based responses. It builds on your strengths and contributes to your blind spots.

At Henley Leadership Group, we believe leaders have a responsibility to continually upgrade their internal operating systems. This requires time set aside to assess and reflect on how you are doing as a leader. Are there new skills to acquire and old ones to set aside? How are people experiencing you? One way to find out is to gather feedback about how you are doing as a leader.

We use the Leadership Circle 360 Profile because it reveals the relationship between patterns of action and internal assumptions that drive behavior. It takes a look at your leadership competencies and points to your underlying beliefs that contribute to the strength or weakness of that competency. You can quickly see whether you are leading from competencies that are creative or reactive. Creative Competencies lead to high fulfillment and achievement focusing on the whole system and self awareness. The Reactive Competencies are those that have served us well in past, but in today’s world have outlived their usefulness in leadership, such as controlling, complying and protecting.

Take a few minutes to reflect on how you would rate yourself on a sample of these competencies:


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