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Meet Our Coaches:  Penny Koch-Patterson

This is part of our "Meet Our Coaches" series. We will post these interviews periodically.   Learn more about all of our Leadership Coaches on our Meet the Team page.


Q: Tell us about the moment you knew you wanted to be a leadership coach:

A: It wasn’t a “moment” per se, rather a collection of experiences in helping others on their leadership journey. I noticed that folks always wanted their work to mean something more. To make an impact beyond themselves and their immediate family. When I realized I could help people do THAT, that’s when I knew I wanted to be a leadership coach.

 Q: What is one of the most memorable moments in your coaching career?

A: I remember the first time I asked one of my earliest clients a somewhat “risky,” yet powerful question. I wondered if my client would fire me for poking a bit and asking a more holistic question that integrated aspects of their professional and personal lives. My client heard the question and his entire demeanor simply shifted. The energy in the room became more calm, quiet and centered. Five years later, we’re still working together!

 Q: What's your favorite thing about working at Henley Leadership Group?

A: What’s not to love about working at HLG?!? The generous people and coaches make HLG a place where I am welcomed, nurtured and where I can grow. We have amazing and varied clients who are willing to try on new ideas, and are open to new ways of leading that make me proud to be a coach. The rich content the HLG has developed challenges me and my clients to be intentional and conscious about the choices I make!

 Q: How are you developing yourself as a leader?

A: I develop myself in many traditional ways such as reading books and timely articles on business and leadership. I also take classes on a variety of leadership theories, competencies and assessment tools. But, I think the most important thing I do for myself as a coach, is that I get coached myself. I have a variety of colleagues who I rely upon to get coaching from on a regular basis.

 Q: What are you reading right now?

A: At the moment, I am reading “The Future of Coaching” by Hetty Einzig. I love how she reframes the idea of a VUCA World. VUCA stands for Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous and this is meant to describe the context of the world and the workplace as it is today. Einzig however proposes an alternative set of standards for us to consider as guideposts for how to approach our work and the world. One where VUCA stands for Values, Understanding, Creativity and Awareness.

 Q: What’s making you happy this week?

A: It’s summer in Seattle! That’s enough to be happy about in my book!

You can learn more about Penny  here . . .