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Meet Our Team: Stephanie Murray

This is part of our "Meet Our Team" series. We will post these interviews periodically.   Learn more about Stephanie on our Meet the Team page.


Q: Before working at HLG, what was the most unusual or interesting or weirdest job you've ever had:

A: I loved being an aerobics instructor. Helping people stay healthy and getting paid to workout. Gotta love it!  

Q: What is your role at Henley Leadership Group?

A: Operational support.  Today it is Database management and Contracts.  I call myself a Swiss Army Knife and have filled many roles over the years.

 Q: What's your favorite thing about working at Henley Leadership Group ?

A: The culture.  I can be my authentic self 100% of the time and I am loved and accepted exactly how I am.

Q: What have you learned ?

A: I have worked with (and for HLG) for 10+ years.  From a right brain perspective, I have learned to listen to my soul and am better at asking for what I want and getting my voice heard.  From a left brain perspective, I have learned new tools working for them including Salesforce, DropBox, and Sugarsync. 

 Q: What are you reading right now?

A:  Marrow:   A Love Story by Elizabeth Lesser

Q: What’s making you happy this week?

A: I will be sitting on a beach in the Caribbean in a few weeks... 

You can learn more about Stephanie here  . . .