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Webinar:  The Enneagram for Individuals 

Experience this New Leadership Assessment Tool

This assessment increases EQ, reveals your stress levels 

and identifies what you need to focus on to increase your effectiveness.



Great leaders know themselves and make the effort to seek out new information that will increase their effectiveness.  

The "Enneagram Leadership Profile" is a fast yet in-depth look at your leadership style. While other assessments address surface behaviours, the Enneagram Profile identifies underlying beliefs and motivators that impact how we lead. EnneagramWheel-solid-middle MED.png

During this webinar you will learn:

  • Your specific leadership type
  • What factors influence your type
  • Key motivators in your leadership
  • Behaviors that surface under stress
  • Areas to focus on for continued development

Inlcuded with registration:

  • Access to the 90 minute webinar session
  • Enneagram assessment link
  • Personalized 20 page "Enneagram Leadership Profile" report

We hope you will join us!

When:  March 13, 2018  9:00am-10:30am PST



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