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Webinars | Tools To Keep Leading In These Uncertain Times

Providing Pro-Bono Support

Here in Seattle the workplace and home dynamics are changing fast. Our team at Henley is offering two ways to provide quick and easy support that will help you navigate this time both at work and at home. We hope you will join us!


Webinar Series: Tools To Keep Leading During Times of Change

Support for Work and Home

Life and work are rapidly changing and we need a place to quickly connect, get grounded, and access some insight that will make this all a bit easier. 

Starting next week we will be offering seven 30-minute virtual sessions.   We want you to join us for this virtual series. So please come as you are - wear your pajamas, invite your kids to join us, drink your coffee, listen while you do three other things at the same time. Any way of participating is acceptable. We at Henley need this just as much as you do.

The game here is to keep our feet on the ground and keep leading.  We know that we can produce a remarkable outcome, and community connection helps.

By joining us, you will:

  • Gain ideas that will support you both at work and at home
  • Connect with others and combat loneliness
  • Receive a boost intended to energize you in the weeks to come

This program will be offered on a donation-only basis. Money received will be donated to Seattle-area social and health service organizations.  Donations are optional - you are welcome to join at no cost. All sessions will be recorded. Learn more